A Universe of Abundance

Hello Richie Rich.

We all deserve money. Its a universal fact. The first step is accepting the law that money will flow through you as long as you concentrate on positive vibration and frequency.

We live in a world of energies and forces. As such, everything is energy, including money. Simply put, money is energy, and they call it “currency” because it was derived from the root word “current”.


Money plays a very important part in all of our lives, yet it increasingly accumulates in fewer and fewer hands to the detriment of more and more people. It is our collective Spiritual responsibility to free the energy of money by beginning to channel it into a higher purpose.

Whatever your current financial situation actually is today…it really doesn’t matter!  You absolutely deserve to receive abundance and prosperity in your life!  Abundance is your birthright!

I want you to be rich and successful. It is you divine right as a human being on Planet Earth to have everything you desire with the absence of greed.


If you didn’t already know, money transcends material wants and needs because money is energy. We can literally change the flow of money energy by visualizing it streaming into new, higher channels. Our thoughts, mindsets, and shifts all influence our personal money frequencies?

What is your personal view on finances and money?

The millionaire mindset is truly worry free and yet isn’t greedy with needing more money. It has enough and from its standpoint its all about letting it flow. Sending out this generosity signal into the Universe will eventually result in the physical manifestation of abundance you are seeking.

The information on this site will raise your frequency to align with the money current. Open your mind, heart, and wallet to all the riches the universe has waiting for you.

All you have to do is KNOW the money is there and it will materialize into your reality.

This site is dedicated to sharing the money frequency with all who believe and truly deserve riches. Surf through, stay a while, and absorb the money frequency.